Skiing in Bansko

Skiing in Bansko

One of the biggest ski resorts in Bulgaria is Bansko, the tourist destination has been a hot in the recent years with its state of the art ski facilities in all of Bulgaria. Sources say that Yulen has been the biggest investor in the area for skiing sports and has the license to run the resort.

Tourists who have been to the place say that the snow record at Bansko is of the best and hence the ski season lasts longer than elsewhere, the best time to go there would be bet mid December to mid May. The area has undergone massive changes in the recent past and there have been major investments to capitalize with the increased tourist flow as well. Super luxurious accommodation and budgeted rooms are available, making the area a welcome retreat for ski lovers and lovers of the snow alike.

Bansko is 925m above sea level and the height allowed for the ski sports to happen is between 2000m to 2500m. You may remember here that the Pirin Mountain has the nature of the Alpine terrains and the highest peak she nestles would be the Vihren which stands mighty tall at 2914 metres.

Many travel experts say that there are two ski centers of prime importance at Bansko, namely the “Chalin Valog” which allows skiing to happen at heights of 1100-1600 meters and also the “Shiligarnika” allowing ski to happen between 1700 to 2500 metres. These two sites are not too far away from the northern parts of the Pirin Mountains, so while you enjoy skiing, you are yet surrounded by the mystical breath taking beauty around. Make sure to access the famous Gondola lift that originates in Bansko and enjoy the seventy kilometres of excitement and natural visual treats Mother Nature has in store for you in her belly through the mountain terrains.

It has been in the past 10 years that the ski resorts in Bansko have gained such popularity, especially with the 44 Techno alpine snow cannons and the 12 Kassbohrer slope maintenance vehicles that guarantee the best experience with snow boarding and ski sports from December to May every year. Now skiing and snowboarding are not the only avenues for fun and entertainment, if you are like one of us who would love to be entertained, then the mountainous queen has a story to enchant you with.

The ancient T Rex Lifts have been done away with and no more waiting in beelines to get a feel of the snowboarding and skiing experience. Bansko has evolved into a modern lady with the touch of the old world still lingering around. The après ski scene would keep you spell bound with the state of the art systems of lifts fitted at most reputed hotels. The city has in the recent past shrugged off the tag of only being a winter destination for explorers interested in the medieval ages and has now become a competitor with the offerings of what the Alps can provide to those who love snowboarding and skiing, and that too at a cost which would be a fraction of what other destinations would charge. Most of the other ski destinations have not done good in attracting customers because of the low investments to fit modern equipment, however, take a look at Ulen and you would see the kind of investment the group has made in Bansko, making it world class with everything chic and yet affordable to the pocket of every traveler around interested in skiing and snowboarding.

In Bansko, there are big names and organizations that have invested in the recent years with hotels and tourism being their main domain. At the edge of the Piste, those interested in the snowboarding and skiing adventures can now lodge themselves in style at the Hotel Grand Arena. The new gonodola has been a blessing, since you wouldn’t waste more than half an hour to reach the ski area’s start (65km in total length), plus there are plenty of chairlifts to make your rise to 2500m a beautiful experience. The skiers are attracted in hordes during mid December to mid May and yet, you wouldn’t be standing in long queues waiting for your turn, Bansko knows how to keep everyone happy.

You can find six day package ski tours doled out by various hospitality groups and catering to all levels, from beginners to experienced skiers. Being named as the winter capital of Bulgaria, Bansko offers the best ski experiences, the runs are lower and you could have a game of open bowl skiing on the top. In the famous après ski you would along with your favorite sport find the traditional Mehana sing their folk songs to keep you entertained.

There are various ski tracks in Bansko to enjoy the sport in and here we have them listed for you;

  • Bansko (ski road), you get off the mountain with this track and is of seven kilometers downhill right the mountains heart to Bansko. Perfect for those who are learning as in beginners and even the experienced skiers!
  • The Bunderitsa starts at a height of 2560m and is a combo track which allows you to choose which one you would like to be on, the ride is smooth and not treacherous.
  • The Plato 1, awesome breathtaking view of the peaks and the track is sufficient enough for a skiing experience which isn’t too dynamic or challenging.
  • The Balkaniada is a track which is the best for every skier or snowboarder because while you go downhill, the load is easier to manage and most of the contests are held there, because of its friendliness.
  • The Shiligarnik 1, is a track known for its varied perceptions, and can be used by amateurs and experienced skiers alike.
  • The Todorka has an easy and a medium track to play with. It is at the Kolarski put where the beginners start of and have fun.
  • The Stara pista is a track which has a profile that matches the looks of a staircase, the runs on this tracks are dynamic and speed is the name of the game here.

Other famous tracks are Yulen, Tomba, Shiligarnik 2, Plato 2, Strajite, Chalin valog 1 and the Chalin valog 2. So this time around when you get to Bansko, be ready to be spoilt for choice and have loads of fun.

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