Nightclubs in Bansko

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Nightclubs in Bansko

If you know you cannot resist the shake a leg syndrome, then you should be prepared to wear your party shoes, because Bansko has a lot to offer. The range of clubs, bars and pubs are a plenty and will keep you dancing till early morning. You have DJ’s belting out popular local and international numbers. There are special promotions happening the year round where you can drink to fill happy hours, especially on Mondays. Rock concerts, traditional pop numbers, wines and beautiful people, they all know how to make your stay warm and happy.

Some of the most popular hangouts would be Amigo, B4, Cocktail Bar, the Bander Pub, the Basecamp, the exotic Buddah Bar. Also check out the Golden Fox, the Fortuna, the Parfait, and the Sir Galahads for Live Music & Karaoke, not to forget the popular “Happy End” which is a Pub and a Nightclub, The Lions Pub where you can guzzle and growl away and finally the best club in town, Zero.

There is always a choice of eating delights at Bansko; the range is modern and traditional. The eating traveller can munch away at high class restaurants or even at local street joints; in short you have something for you at every corner in Bansko.

As a typical tourist, don’t forget to be with the traditional Mehanas who are known to serve the best Bulgarian cuisine, while they entertain you with folk songs. Some places that you could eat away would be, the Balkanci Serbian Restaurant known for the Serbian range, then we suggest the Casa di Mare for the seafood delights, the Dedo Pene for authentic Bulgarian platter, the El Torito Bar and Grill where you can drink away and eat grilled items on the menu, the Georgeo known for the best pizzas in town, the traditional and most authentic Mehana Vodenicata for its Bulgarian spread, the Momini Dvori for European and Modern Bulgarian cuisines, and finally also do check out the Sirleshtova Mehana for the authentic tasty Bulgarian dishes.

Bansko always has something for everyone and when it comes to the choice of food, we suggest go local. You would love to have the famous Bulgarian wines and dig into the choicest of Bulgarian spreads. Here we have for you some nice dishes that you would love to try over and over again.

Popular amongst the locals would be, the fried turbot, the yummy grilled belted bonito, the famous Bulgarian wine belted bonito air dried, the grilled blue-fish, which is a Bulgarian must have, who can forget the taste of the fried garfish, the grilled trout and the herring salad.

You should also walk down to the local roadside eateries and for cheap have a plate of grilled dried mackerel or munch away on chicken and pork specialties if fish is not your fancy. One must leave out the Bansko kapama or the Choumlek which is a meat dish loved and cooked well by the locals around. The Grilled Bansko sudjouk is for those who love spicy sausages and trust the Bishine specialty to drive you hungrier.

Since the citizens of Bansko are very conscious of their environments upkeep, the tourism department has encouraged the growth of eco tourism around. Now if you compare the prices of accommodation and travel with those of other European skiing resorts, Bansko is sure a deal for every pocket. The ski passes and the snowboarding guides and tours don’t come for a bomb, as what they would with other resorts around Europe.

This place has surely grown in the last few years and is now one of the favorite haunts, especially for the British. Most of the citizens in Bansko are expats and they love their city to the heart. The climate is healthy all year round and the cost of living or even touring doesn’t punish a traveler whilst his stay and enjoyment. Accommodation for all budgets from sprawling 5 star rooms to budget service hotels and apartments has been the talk for the recent travelers. The lodges are low cost, if you plan to travel in a group and enjoy the breath taking surroundings or even the sports on the snow. You can rent as low as hundred pounds per week and go high above depending on the lifestyle you adapt too. Bansko has more of it in store for you.

If you are travelling with your family, then don’t let them feel left out, since Bansko has something for everyone to indulge in and enjoy. For example, excursions to the monumental marvels, a total of one hundred and fifty of them beckoning your attention, or you may decide to go bowling with your family at one of the best pubs in town, some even choose to have rock climbing, hiking, camping done in family groups as well and for those interested in birds, there are bird watching camps and tours to satisfy your pleasures.

With so much on the anvil, would it be easy for you to forget the memorable experiences that await you at Bansko!

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