Bansko Nightlife

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Bansko Nightlife

The Mehana is a traditional tavern in Bansko that displays the style and charm along with the platter of local delicacies and famous Bulgarian traditional wines. While you sip and stuff your mouths, enjoy the live folk music offered by the Mehana’s as part of their welcome and hospitality to keep your stay at Bansko well entertained. Take a walk down the streets and you would find the nightlife of the city bubbling with all age groups. The bars, pubs and the nigh clubs run thought the night and shut early next morning. They belt out popular numbers from all across the globe and even pop numbers from the local Bulgarian charts, so get ready to dress pretty with your dancing shoes.

From the leading chain, the 5 Star Kempinski is spacious and comfortable, the bars are clean and excellent, making it the best place to have Bulgarian wines or even champagne with family and friends. Trudge along the Nikola Vaptsarov square and you would find the nightlife of Bansko which happen mainly around the terraces. You could shake a leg or two and even relax with a drink, try the famous Bulgarian beers or even the vodka and wines, you sure would love the ambiance, making it one of the popular nigh outs in the city for tourists coming from across the globe.

One of the most popular bars around Bansko would be the B4. Many tourists who have been there love its cozy small cocktail bar setting. The music belted out is soothing to the ears and not jarring while you enjoy the variety of cocktails and look at the young crowd shaking a leg to popular chart numbers. This would be a tourist haven for those who want fun and wine at the same time. If you want more fun then we have even got 4 new other places that you could unwind after your shopping and enjoyment during the day;

Check in at the Piano Bar Bansko Spa, you would find this place amazing and it is visited by the best in Bansko. You would be treated as a celebrity and the band of professional musicians would dole out pop numbers to make you sing and dance along with them. The drinks served are distinguished and you would have a good time with the best company around. Along with the rich menu on platter, you would find a very friendly staff to help you with all your needs. Another popular hub for nightlife in Bansko would be the Bar Vertigo, the style and ambiance is modern and the taste is refined. Not too expensive to your pockets, the bar is a popular hangout for all pretty young people. The cocktails served at the bar are exotic and the desserts are mind blowing. This bar would sure help you relax after a pleasant long day out on the city street of Bansko.

Next we hop into the DISKO and Piano Bar Spirit in Bansko, the combination thereof is comfort with elegance, perfect if you are honeymooning in Bansko and need a moment of fun and romance. They belt out numbers from the famous Shtursite and start around mid afternoon to midnight, from where the famous DJ’s take over and enchant the audience to shake a leg.

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