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Bansko has established itself as a preferred location for top international winter sports events

The Pirin Mountain has the most beautiful gift delivered to the residents around, the city of Bansko. Visitors flock to this region from all over the world for its wonderful skiing sport opportunities and tourist attractions. If you compare Bansko with other locations offering ski resorts, you would find that accommodation in Bansko is within the city and the resort gives you the best state of the art livable homes and chalets to enjoy your vacation. While you are at Bansko, enjoying the wintery chill and snow, it would be wise to use the gondola to transport yourselves from one place to another, for example use them when you want to go from Bansko to Bunderishka Polyana with a one stop at Chalin Valog. At Bansko, the highest point for tourists to ski would be 2500 m and the length for skiing paths in total would be 65km. the reason why Bansko skiing is so loved is because the sport can be enjoyed by everyone, and if you are a learner or a beginner then there are helpers around who would give you a basic touch up.

The city is very popular with tourists from across the globe for its blend of the ancient traditions with modern up to date living styles and amenities. There is a certain authenticity with the culture and customs, not forgetting the ethnography and the architecture of the place and its people. The remoteness of the place coupled with its mysticism and the cobblestone laden streets that meander around small but full of life and vigor pubs and clubs speak volumes about its attractive appeal. The restaurants and cafes of the old Bansko town will keep you hooked to the food and hospitality, making you come back for more. When we talk of the sporting traditions in the town of Bansko, we see a wide range for the summers as well as the winters. The traditions as maintained by the folklore are kept well and that would be seen when the localities display their traditional skills through customs, paintings and woodcarving, which speak volumes of the strong bonds of Bansko.

If you love nature, and want an unforgettable time of your life in the form of a vacation, then Bansko is the place you need to be. Known to be the crowning glory of Bulgaria, the city boasts of its charming history and everything that lies in the plains of the Mesta River, surrounded by Pirin, Rila and Rhodopes. There is always a sense of mix in Bansko, with the virgin untouched Pirin terrains and the ancient aura of the Bulgarian town. A rich combination only at Bansko to be found and no where else, even though Bansko is very small, but she has been well kept and looked after over the ages. The Pirin has the nature of the Alpine terrains and has three peaks shooting up to 2900m in height. The slopes make for best runs and tracks that skiers love to master their skills on.

Wonderful Attractions at Bansko

A very interesting sight in Bansko would be the HOLY TRINITY church, the bell of the church is 30m high, the tower and the clock is uniquely carved and made or murals and wood. Localites say that it was built in 1835-37 and was made by the donations of the locals around. Ask anyone what Bansko means to them and prompt comes the reply, as a place for good times to roll twenty four seven. When you are hungry and need a bite, the local delicacies is what we recommend. You would find the famous Mehanas singing away their folk songs LIVE!! While you go around eating away and sipping famous Bulgarian wines as the night goes darker and the stars shine bright. The atmosphere is conducive to warmth and relaxation and the drum beats and clarinets are sure to soothe your senses through the nights. Dig into grilled meat, stews, and salads or get to the specialities with red wines at Bansko, some famous ones would be the “Banski Starets”, “ Chomlek”, “Kapama” and the “Katino Meze”. Once you are done with the eating and if you know you cannot resist the shake a leg syndrome, then be prepared tow ear your party shoes, because Bansko has a lot to offer. The range of clubs, bars and pubs are a plenty and will keep you dancing till early morning. You have DJ’s belting out popular local and international numbers. Special promotions happening the year round, drink to your fill happy hours, especially on Mondays. Rock concerts, traditional pop numbers, wines and beautiful people, they all know how to make your stay warm and happy.

To get to Bansko there are a range of flights that don’t come costly, Sofia is around 160 km’s away and she offers an airport service for tourists coming in as well as bidding a farewell to those who leave. The scenario of Bansko is breathtaking and every time a gondola is used the flora and fauna around can enthral you and etch itself in your memories for a long time to come. So if it is a sporty adventure you want or simply want to move around the ancient sites of Basnko, the city ahs something for everyone with a budget to match all pockets.

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